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Simply put, we know Georgia non-compete law backwards and forwards. If you are considering an Atlanta non-compete attorney, please give us a call at (800) 698-6650.

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  1. Most employment relationships in Georgia are “at will,” meaning that the employment can be terminated for any or no reason, so long as it is not an illegal reason, e.g. illicit discrimination. That said, companies do enter into employment contracts with employees, typically executives, which provide durational terms of service and which may set forth how the employment may be terminated with or without cause, coupled with different compensation consequences for each outcome. Thus, litigation regarding employees who are not “at will” frequently centers around whether the circumstances precipitating the termination met the contractual definition of “cause.” However, contractual issues may also arise with respect to “at will” employees – frequent examples include allegedly unpaid commissions and, of course, restrictive covenants, such as non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Atlanta employment attorney Justin Scott has a wealth of experience dealing with employment contracts, both in drafting them and in negotiating and litigating contractual disputes.

    Contact Scott Employment Law, P.C. at (678) 780-4880 for assistance with employment contract issues, or contact the firm online.

    160 Clairemont Ave #610 Decatur, GA 30030 Phone: (678) 780-4880

    Atlanta Employment Law Lawyer Scott Employment Law

  2. JF Beasley, LLC is a dedicated “employment law” firm established in 2011 by its owner and manager John Beasley. John has been practicing law for more than 25 years. He has spent more than 20 years counseling employees, executives and small employers on employment matters of all kinds. He has also served as counsel in trials of cases under some of the most challenging anti-discrimination, employment, civil rights and commercial laws including the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Sarbanes Oxley Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, state and federal racketeering statutes and securities laws.

    Non-compete agreements typically prevent employees from working, directly or indirectly, in competition with their former employer. These provisions are often drafted so broadly as to encompass jobs that may have nothing to do with the work done for the former employer as long as the work is for a company that competes in some manner with that employer.    

    Non-solicit agreements generally prevent an employee from encouraging employees or customers to stop working or doing business with the former employer. These agreements may even apply to employees or customers with whom there was no previous contact.  

    If your employer requires you to sign one of these, you may want to seek legal advice. To further discuss your situation, you can call us toll free at 1-855-774-3675, send us an e-mail, or fill out a consultation request form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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  3. There are many different issues that can come up when you’re running or operating a business. These issues can become quite complex, and sometimes they can turn into significant disputes. If you run into a serious legal issue while you’re operating your business, you may find that you need a complex business dispute attorney to help you navigate the legal landscape. The purposes of a complex business dispute attorney are numerous. Primarily, what you will find when you consult with such an attorney is that they can answer all your legal questions and set your mind at ease. If you are looking for legal assistance in the Atlanta area, consider our attorneys at Hasson Law Group LLP.

    3379 Peachtree Rd. NE Suite 625 Atlanta, GA 30326

    If you find yourself in the middle of a business dispute, one of the fastest ways out is to make sure that you are properly represented by a business dispute attorney. If you find that the business dispute becomes complex and tricky, then a complex business dispute attorney will be your best bet. At Hasson Law Group LLP, we staff attorneys to meet the wide variety of different needs that you may be struggling with legally. No matter what your questions or concerns are, you can sit down and have your issues dealt with. Simply give us a call today at (678) 701-2869 to find out what we can do for you, and to receive some much-needed peace of mind once and for all.

  4. Companies of all sizes look to us for creative, interdisciplinary solutions to their most important problems. We go beyond the four corners of the everyday legal approach to provide services tailored to the client’s desired outcome.

    • Considering the whole array of potential claims and defenses to choose the best strategies for a particular client’s situation
    • Working with clients to identify the trade secrets and business assets that might be most vulnerable in your business and then determining the right steps for protecting them
    • Offering scalability from single-employee disputes to large-scale raiding and trade secret cases
    • Helping your business distinguish between the disputes that are worth litigating and those that should be resolved quickly
    • Taking proactive steps to protect your interests and secrets before litigation arises
    • Providing experienced trial lawyers who offer aggressive and effective representation for a wide variety of business competition disputes if litigation is unavoidable
    • Drafting agreements, covenants, contracts, and policy statements that put you in the favorable position in the event of a dispute
    • Getting to know your company so that we understand your competitive advantages and what makes your proprietary business strategies and information unique

    303 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 3600 Atlanta, Georgia 30308
    t: (404) 523-5300 f: (404) 522-8409

  5. The skilled lawyers at The Law Ladies know how to successfully represent your business at any stage of growth. Avoid legal headaches by having a team of experienced professionals in your corner.

    Here are a few of the areas of business law that we specialize in:

    • New business formation 
    • Influencer contracts
    • Employee/employment/independent contractor agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Business litigation

    Unlike other firms, our team is well-equipped to handle both civil and criminal representation. It’s a one-stop-shop for your business. Contact us today so we can begin setting your business on a path for success.

    1800 Peachtree Street NW Suite 300 Atlanta, Georgia 30309 United States (US) Phone: 1 (833) 552-3437

  6. Atlanta business attorney Stacey Carroll is a seasoned trial lawyer who has litigated hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of individuals and businesses alike. He has fought on behalf of companies to enforce contracts disregarded by unscrupulous business partners, as well as defended firms that have been unjustly accused of failing to meet contractual obligations or who have been threatened with unreasonable damages after a business deal has fallen through.

    • Business sale and merger agreements
    • Employment disputes
    • Lease agreements
    • Partner and shareholder agreement disputes
    • Construction contracts
    • Trade secrets or other intellectual property claims
    • Vendor agreements
    • Non-compete agreements
    • Real estate contracts

    4200 Northside Pkwy. NW Building One Suite 300 Atlanta, Georgia 30327
    Phone: 404-816-4555

  7. Are you business law savvy? At Sparks Law, we are professionals. Legal professionals can be relied upon to do what they say they’re going to do, tell you what you need to know about complex situations, and find creative solutions to difficult problems using the tools of their profession.

    It takes a lot to be an entrepreneur. Our Georgia business lawyers seek to help entrepreneurs achieve their vision by giving them access to these legal tools. Business owners should have the best. With the use of fundamental corporate law, we’re able to minimize our client’s legal risk and maximize their success.

    Also called “Covenants Not to Compete,” or CNC, these contracts were developed to allow business owners to benefit from the time and money spent training certain key employees. All things being equal, when a person is trained to be the manager of a company that has a successful unique business model, what is there to stop that new employee from quitting his job and starting his own version of the company?

    Businesses have many factors to consider when drafting their non-compete agreements. They have to keep in mind which state’s laws will apply, as some states are more favorable to businesses than others, the time at which the employees will sign the agreements, whether they need to give their employees a bonus or other consideration to make the agreements stronger from a contract law perspective, which employees are most at risk for the company and therefore need a solid non-compete agreement the most, etc.

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  8. Were you fired? Laid off? Ripped off of overtime? Sexually harassed? Denied the promotion you deserved? Treated differently after you took medical leave or became pregnant? Did you have the guts to complain of discrimination or fraud, only to suffer retaliation?

    Too often, employees are required to sign away their right to earn a living through restrictive contracts that limit their ability to compete. Many times, employees are not even aware of the restrictions they’re under. Non-compete agreements are often tucked away in small print, in a bundle of new employee paperwork. The first time you realize the extent of your non-compete might be after you leave, when you receive a “cease and desist” letter from your old employer. As an experienced Georgia non-compete lawyer, Rob can help advise you before you sign a non-compete agreement or when you decide to leave your employer.

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  9. At the Atlanta-based law firm of Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, we provide responsive, cost-effective legal services to a broad range of clients, including individuals, small businesses, families and multinational corporations. Our dedicated attorneys can help you identify and address the matters that are most important to you and provide solutions that protect your interests. Call 770-901-2666 to speak to one of our attorneys.

    The attorneys of Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, can help you resolve your noncompete or nonsolicitation dispute in an effective and cost-efficient manner by:

    Reviewing your agreement with regard to the competition and helping you understand what kind of case you have
    Assessing the value of accounts, intellectual properties or trade secrets that may be at stake
    Drafting and changing documents or adjusting compensation to resolve conflicts and prevent future problems
    Filing or defending lawsuits

    Isenberg & Hewitt, PC
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  10. Buckley Beal LLP is one of Atlanta’s leading law firms for all legal matters that can trouble individuals in their employment, business ownership, or other aspects of their everyday lives. The size and strength of our law firm does not mean that we overlook the unique needs of each of our clients, nor does it mean we only set aside a brief amount of time to work on each case.

    Non-Solicitation Agreements
    In the typical non-solicitation agreement, your employer will:

    Seek to restrict you from soliciting current clients of your firm from doing business with you
    Seek to restrict you from soliciting clients of the firm from doing business with you after you leave your company.
    Seek to restrict you from soliciting other employees from your company to join your new business after you leave
    Like non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements typically have time and geographical restrictions, but unscrupulous employers will often seek to include extremely broad time and geographic restrictions, which may put your new business out of business.

    At Buckley Beal, we have years of experience in dealing with these types of agreements, and we can get involved on your behalf at any stage in the process to make sure your rights are fully protected. But we can’t help you unless you reach out to us.

    Turn to our team for help today. Call us at (404) 471-3725 to get started.

    Buckley Beal LLP
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  11. Julie A. Liberman, LLC is a litigation boutique located in Atlanta, Georgia. Attorney Julie Liberman serves businesses and individuals throughout metropolitan Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

    Julie litigates a wide range of business disputes, providing effective, efficient representation in all phases and aspects of the litigation process, from the inception of a dispute and the filing of a complaint through judgment and post-judgment actions, and throughout all types of hearings, trials and appeals.

    Disputes Over Covenants Not to Compete
    Non-compete covenants
    Non-solicitation covenants
    Non-disclosure covenants
    Confidentiality agreements
    Trade secret and unfair competition disputes
    No-hire / anti-raiding provisions / non-recruitment provisions
    Injunctions and declaratory judgment actions
    All aspects of litigation, including appeals
    Alternative dispute resolution

    Julie A. Liberman, LLC
    7000 Central Parkway Suite 1100
    Atlanta, GA 30328
    (678) 871-7104

  12. Ben Barrett Law is a highly experienced Atlanta employment law firm focused on helping employees whose rights have been violated. Our clients have been wrongfully terminated or otherwise discriminated against, and all odds are against them. Not only is it intimidating to go up against an employer (or former employer), but—as an employment-at-will state—Georgia law can be incredibly hostile to employees.

    There are several qualifications for a valid and enforceable non-compete agreement in the state of Georgia. These qualifications are as follows:

    Consideration: Any valid and enforceable non-compete agreement must be supported by consideration. This, simply put, means that an employer must give an employee something of value (such as a raise or employment offer, depending on the circumstances), in exchange for that employee’s promise in a written agreement not to violate the terms of that non-compete agreement.
    Valid Business Interest: Behind every valid non-compete agreement, there is a valid business-related reason for creating one. For example, certain businesses have trade secrets and other information that they do not want their employees obtaining, quitting, and then using those secrets to benefit another employer in the same field. Though this is completely understandable, these non-compete agreements must be targeted specifically to protect these interests. If not, they may not be considered enforceable in court.
    Reasonableness: Finally, every non-compete agreement must be reasonable in both the geographic area it covers, as well as for the duration of time it lasts. Simply put, non-compete agreements, in certain markets, are just not feasible or fair if they go on for too long, or prevent employees from gaining employment across the country if it would not affect the initial employer’s business, to begin with.

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  13. Hill, Kertscher & Wharton, LLP is a nationally recognized law firm representing individuals and businesses of all sizes in complex legal matters. Our legal team is led by a former general counsel for an international telecommunications company, a leading national intellectual property litigator with lead counsel experience, including substantial trial experience in over 200 cases, and an accomplished trial lawyer with a proven record of success in multi-million-dollar litigation.

    Why were changes made to Georgia’s non-compete law?
    For many years, Georgia was considered one of the most challenging states for employers when it came to enforcement of non-compete agreements. An employer who failed to specify reasonable geographic or length restrictions would void, in its entirety, the non-compete agreement. In 2010, a constitutional amendment was approved by voters, which authorized legislation to uphold reasonable competitive agreements. As a result, relatively minor issues were no longer a void to a non-compete or agreement. The amendment changed how non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants are enforced in Georgia by giving judges some leeway to strike or modify the unreasonable provisions without voiding the complete agreement.

    One Overton Park
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    phone at: 770-670-6324

  14. Our law firm advises and represents medical practices, surgery centers, individual physicians and physician groups, hospitals and medical staffs, numerous other types of healthcare providers, closely-held specialty businesses, and high-level professionals in business matters and disputes.

    Our Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia business and healthcare law firm advise and represents physicians, medical practices, FQHCs, other healthcare-related businesses, and other businesses and professionals with regard to the enforcement of non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, non-disclosure agreements and related restrictive covenants. Whether a particular restrictive covenant is “enforceable” is not always clear and often can involve significant legal uncertainty, which uncertainty invariably strongly impacts the development of a proper strategy for either party to a dispute about whether specific activities violate the covenant.

    If you have questions about the enforceability of a restrictive covenant. Our offices are located in the Four Seasons Building in Midtown Atlanta and in Enterprise Mill in Downtown Augusta, Georgia. Hamil Little is a focused business and healthcare law firm with significant experience negotiating, drafting and litigating numerous non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants for employers, employees, partners, buyers, and sellers.

    KSL Law Firm
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    KSL Law Firm
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  15. David Allen “Dave” Roberts is a Georgia employment non-compete attorney who practices exclusively in the areas of Georgia non-compete law, trade secret litigation, employment contract and severance agreement drafting and litigation, sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation cases, wage and hour disputes and business contract litigation. Mr. Roberts is a Partner with the Atlanta firm of Hall, Arbery, Gilligan, Roberts & Shanlever LLP which was recently recognized by “Super Lawyers” as the most outstanding (2-10 attorney) employment law firm in the State of Georgia.

    Are there different standards for determining the enforceability of non-compete agreements executed in the context of a partnership agreement or the sale of a business?

    Yes. While Georgia courts apply “strict scrutiny” to non-compete agreements executed in the traditional employer-employee setting, a “middle-level” scrutiny is applied in the context of a partnership agreement and “lesser scrutiny” is applied in the context of a non-compete executed in conjunction with the sale of a business. In fact, under the Old Law, a Court could blue-pencil an overbroad covenant entered into in the context of a sale of business (although a Court’s powers to do so is limited under the Old Law to simply striking through unenforceable provisions and enforcing the remainder of a covenant if it remains enforceable after the severing of bad terms).

    Under the New Law, the level of scrutiny applied to a covenant depending on the context in which it was entered is not as an important of a consideration as it was under the Old Law. However, there are some different rules under the New Law regarding time components, etc. depending on the context in which the covenant was entered.

    3340 Peachtree Rd NE #1900
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    T: (404) 247-0994
    F: (404) 537-5555

  16. Krevolin & Horst focuses on corporate, technology, commercial real estate, complex business disputes, education, intellectual property, trial and appellate litigation including white collar defense and whistleblower claims. Our clients include individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies nationwide ranging from startups to large, publicly traded and privately held businesses.

    Our Atlanta non-compete lawyers advise clients of the non-disclosure issues involved in:

    Non-Compete Violations
    Non-Compete Covenants
    Non-Competition Agreements
    Non-Compete Restrictive Covenants
    Non-Disclosure Covenants
    Unfair Competition

    One Atlantic Center
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    Local: 404-888-9700
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  17. HKM Employment Attorneys LLP is a national employment law firm that represents individuals and workers in all aspects of employment law. HKM has numerous offices across the US. We even represent Federal Employees in all 50 states.

    Some companies in Atlanta require all new employees to sign a non-compete agreement, before the final appointment and signing of the employment contract. Under Georgia law, this agreement helps business owners protect their business interests by prohibiting employees from engaging with competitors for a given time. The intent is to protect an employer’s patents, trade secrets, and proprietary processes from being used at a competitor.

    Review a non-compete agreement thoroughly before signing. If you’re unsure what some of the language means, contact HKM Employment Attorneys to decipher the legalese. We can negotiate separation agreements in your employment contracts.

    3355 Lenox Road NE
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    Atlanta, GA 30326
    Phone: 404-301-4022

  18. For more than 30 years, attorney K.P. Reddy has successfully represented individuals, businesses, and government entities in a broad spectrum of legal matters. Clients rely on The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. for reliable advice and staunch advocacy in business litigation, mediation and arbitration, corporate transactions, business counseling and employment and labor law, including LGBT rights in the workplace.

    Employment contracts should be fair, reasonable, understandable, and legally enforceable. This is particularly true when it comes to limiting someone’s ability to work, and also protecting trade secrets, confidential information, customer lists, and investments in employee training and recruiting. Often times, non-compete agreements are created to address these important issues involved in the employer-employee relationship.

    In Georgia, a non-compete agreement may be declared unenforceable or invalid for a number of reasons, including:

    An unreasonable time period (under the newest version of Georgia’s non-compete law, restraints lasting more than 2 years are presumed unreasonable)
    An unreasonable restriction on geographic territory
    Failure of the agreement to satisfy the basic requirements of contract formation
    The individual doesn’t fall into the category of employees against whom non-compete agreements can be enforced

    If you need help with a non-compete agreement in Georgia, contact attorney K.P. Reddy at The Reddy Law Firm, P.C. Our firm has years of experience in drafting, negotiating, enforcing, and litigating employment contracts for clients in Atlanta, Suwanee, Marietta, Gainesville, Johns Creek, and across the State. Please call (678) 629-3246 for a free phone consultation today.

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  19. We are specialists in business litigation and regulatory law. In less than 10 years, we’ve grown to be one of the largest litigation firms in Atlanta. Our related, and extensive, regulatory practice is unparalleled among litigation firms. We pride ourselves on developing the most creative solutions to complex legal challenges required to achieve clients’ business and personal goals. We collaborate closely with our clients and are very open to structuring creative fee arrangements.

    We assisted in drafting Georgia’s law on non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, and therefore have deep and broad experience in claims involving restrictive covenants, which include non-competition, non-solicitation, non-recruitment, and non-disclosure covenants. We advise both employers and employees in analyzing, reviewing, and drafting restrictive covenants, mitigating litigation, and negotiating deals between prior employers and new employers regarding employees with restrictive covenants. We also regularly advise clients on unfair competition issues, employee compensation, bonus, stock option, severance, and confidentiality agreements. We have also handled numerous restrictive covenant disputes in other states, including Florida, Texas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Virginia.

    Atlanta Office
    500 14th Street, NW
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    Office: 678-701-9381
    Fax: 404-856-3255

  20. Fidlon Legal is a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in labor and employment law. We represent employers and employees in virtually every type of workplace issue or dispute.

    If you are subject to a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement and are considering making a move, it is critical that you obtain advice from an attorney experienced in dealing with restrictive covenants in Georgia, such as the Atlanta non-compete lawyers at Fidlon Legal.

    3355 Lenox Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Toll Free: 844-LAW-4-WORK Local: 770-807-0083

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