Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

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  1. Ruben Jose Cruz
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 32 years of experience

    (404) 444-1111
    2620 Buford Highway NE
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    When you need legal help, contact the compassionate and experienced team of attorneys at Cruz & Associates. We have offices in both Atlanta and Phoenix, with bilingual attorneys and paralegals to help serve the Latino community. We have assisted people for more than 25 years, and our track record of success speaks to what we can do for you. If you are unsure of whether you have a case, speak with our team; we can help you with your next steps.

  2. Derick C. Villanueva
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 14 years of experience

    (770) 220-0818
    3300 Buckeye Road
    Suite 335
    Atlanta, GA 30341

    We are a General Practice Law Firm focusing on Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Wrongful Death and Divorce. Since our modest beginnings in a small law office in Atlanta in 2006, we have expanded to three convenient locations in Atlanta, Snellville and Kennesaw. We offer experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation to the Georgia community and will continue to do so for many years to come.

  3. Benjamin Y Gerber
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 20 years of experience

    (678) 802-8650
    7 Lenox Pointe
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    Georgia workers’ compensation law has strict guidelines determining how much you can get paid because of a workplace injury. This law provides answers to common questions that arise after an accident in the workplace, such as:

    How much does workers’ comp pay?
    How long can I receive workers’ compensation?
    What is the statute of limitations for workers’ compensation?
    How much money can I get from workers’ comp?
    What if I’m injured and can’t return to normal work?

  4. David Rechtman
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 40 years of experience

    (855) 355-2688
    1800 Peachtree St NW
    Ste 505
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Common Causes of GA Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
    On-the-job injuries and illnesses can affect workers in virtually any industry, including construction, health care, manufacturing, and other kinds of occupations. Some common causes of work injuries in Atlanta include the following:

    Slip and fall accidents
    Heavy lifting accidents
    Falling objects
    Work truck accidents
    Falls from heights
    Defective machinery or equipment
    These on-the-job accidents can be the result of an unsafe work environment, such as slippery floors or poor lighting, inadequate safety equipment like goggles or hard hats, poor employee training, inadequate supervision on the part of a manager or supervisor, or another form of workplace negligence that puts the safety of workers at risk. Check the eligibility requirements to file a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia to see if you qualify for benefits.

  5. John M. Foy
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 28 years of experience

    (404) 400-4000
    3343 Peachtree Rd #350
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Practice Areas
    Personal Injury
    Animal & Dog Bites, Brain Injury, Car Accidents, Construction Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Premises Liability, Truck Accidents, Wrongful Death
    Workers’ Compensation
    Social Security Disability
    Products Liability
    Drugs & Medical Devices, Motor Vehicle Defects, Toxic Torts
    Elder Law

  6. T. Andrew Miller
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 14 years of experience

    (678) 894-7868
    6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.
    Building G, Suite 102
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    As a former insurance company defense attorney, T. Andrew Miller is ready to approach your workers’ compensation case from all angles to seek the most favorable outcome. If you have a workers’ comp claim in the Atlanta area, make an appointment with our law office today by calling us at 678-894-7868.

  7. Zainab Major Brown
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 6 years of experience

    (678) 761-0154
    3330 Cumberland Blvd., Ste 500
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    The Major Brown Law firm welcomes you. We are at your service, offering years of legal experience in generational wealth building by asset protection planning. Our services include probate, divorce, inheritance, accident injuries, disability, special needs, virtual closings, real estate and estate planning using wills and trusts.  We help clients secure their assets and plan for the care of loved-ones.

  8. Mark Murray
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 21 years of experience

    (888) 842-1616
    2233 Peachtree Rd NE
    The Astoria 306
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    The Murray Law Firm is a workers’ compensation law practice, which protects the rights of injured workers. Our firm represents employees who have been injured while working and are entitled to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Under the Workers’ Compensation Act, injured employees are typically entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and such services as attendant care and professional transportation, if merited. The Act also confers benefits to families for the work-related death of a family member. Family members are entitled to dependency benefits, as well as funeral costs.

  9. Dwayne Brown
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 26 years of experience

    (678) 505-0559
    3390 Peachtree Road
    Suite 1100
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Attorney Dwayne L. Brown always puts his clients first, working hard to build a strong attorney-client relationship that’s based on trust and that produces real results. By effectively and expertly managing each case and giving clients the attention and interaction they deserve, Brown has earned a stellar reputation for client satisfaction and collected millions of dollars in compensation for his many clients from all over Alabama and throughout the United States.

  10. Christopher M. Simon
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 24 years of experience

    (404) 259-7635
    2860 Piedmont Rd NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    In Georgia, workers are available for compensation when they are injured while working. Sometimes, employers will attempt to avoid paying workers compensation by saying that the injured employee was actually an “independent contractor.” If this has happened to you, do not just take the company’s word at face value—call our offices to make sure you know where you stand. According to the law, if your employer tells you what job to do, how to do it, and when to do it, then you are most likely eligible.

  11. Shannon D. Rolen
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 23 years of experience

    (866) 328-4978
    6100 Lake Forrest Dr NW
    Atlanta, GA 30328

    Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that guarantees payment of medical benefits and a portion of weekly earnings to employees who are injured while working. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance system. It doesn’t matter whether you were responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. If you were hurt on the job, you are covered. Every employer in Georgia that has three or more employees is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for its workers.
    Legal help for injured workers. Call 404-920-4708

  12. Gary Martin Hays
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 32 years of experience

    (888) 934-8100
    75 Ponce de Leon Ave NE
    Ste 101
    Atlanta, GA 30308

    At Gary Martin Hays & Associates, we understand how to fight insurance companies that try to take advantage of employees seeking workers’ comp. From filing a workers’ compensation claim to finding a doctor, we help injured workers navigate the complicated workers’ compensation insurance claim process. We prepare every case as if we’re going to trial – and have no hesitation to do so if needed – in pursuit of the compensation you rightfully deserve.

    If you have questions, we’re ready to answer them-and we’re fully prepared to take action on your behalf. Remember, you don’t pay us unless you win. Contact a determined Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer at 1-800-898-HAYS today.

  13. Scott Slappey
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 35 years of experience

    (888) 474-9616
    1596 Lavista Rd
    Atlanta, GA 30329

    The term “Workers’ Compensation” refers to a system of laws outlining specific benefits to which injured employees are entitled, and the procedures for obtaining such benefits. Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you with this process. Every state has its own Workers’ Compensation laws, which are contained in statutes and vary somewhat from state to state. In addition, there are special, federal Workers’ Compensation laws for employees of the federal government and other, specific types of industries.

  14. Mitchell Feldman
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 25 years of experience

    (877) 946-8293
    1201 Peachtree Street NE
    Second Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30361

    The Feldman Legal Group has Tampa workers’ comp attorneys with extensive experience protecting the rights of workers affected by workplace accidents or job-related health conditions.
    The workers’ compensation insurance program was designed to be a simple, no-hassle way for workers to get compensation for costs related to workplace injuries. These benefits are crucial for injured workers, but it’s far too often the case that workers get denied the full payment they deserve.

  15. Kevin C. Ford
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 29 years of experience

    2894 Piedmont Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    Have you sustained an on the job injury at work? Workplace injuries are commonplace. In some cases, the injured employee is not receiving adequate attention, explanation, or help from his employer or the workers’ compensation insurer. Simply stated, workers’ compensation is compensation paid by the employer/insurer for income, medical, and rehabilitation benefits when you are injured on the job.

  16. Mark Lewis Stuckey
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 28 years of experience

    (404) 355-4000
    100 Galleria Pkwy SE
    Suite 1100
    Atlanta, GA 30339

    At Kaufman Law, P.C., our team of Atlanta personal injury lawyers is devoted to protecting the rights of injured victims and their families. We take pride in helping people get the money they need to cover accident-related expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages, and ensure that they and their families will be taken care of in the future.

  17. Timothy Minthorn Klob
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 26 years of experience

    (404) 888-8888
    3384 Peachtree Road, N.E.
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Tim Klob is a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney and civil litigation mediator in private practice and represents injured workers statewide.  

    Focused on Workers’ Compensation
    Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims
    Georgia Auto Accident Claims
    Third Party Personal Injury Claims
    Social Security Disability Claims
    Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) Allocations

  18. Casey W. Stevens
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Attorney with 22 years of experience

    (678) 240-2498
    513 Edgewood Ave SE #300
    Atlanta, GA 30312

    If you are having difficulty filing a claim or getting compensation after filing a claim, in most cases you will need the assistance of an attorney. Call us for a free case evaluation, and we will tell you if your claim is something you can handle on your own. There are other reasons having representation is valuable. If, as a result of your claim, you feel you are being threatened or are at risk of losing your job, legal assistance is recommended. You might also need assistance if you are not sure of your rights under state laws, you are not sure how to file a claim or don’t know how to ensure you will be receiving the maximum compensation you are due. Finally, if your claim was denied, seeking expert advice is important.

    Visit us at our Alpharetta, GA location, one of our North Georgia Offices, or we’ll come to you!

  19. Benjamin Y Gerber
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 20 years of experience

    (678) 802-8650
    7 Lenox Pointe
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    When a tragic workplace accident occurs, the compensation process should be straightforward. If you’re injured on the job, you should know that you have certain rights, benefits and responsibilities. Your employer also has obligations and responsibilities regarding all employees under Georgia law. Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies often put profits before the best interests of their employees, leaving injured individuals and their families stranded in financial limbo.

    As diligent and dedicated Atlanta work injury lawyers with over 75 years of combined experience, we have helped thousands of injured workers across many different industries overcome a variety of common workers’ compensation obstacles such as denied claims, pre-existing conditions, returning to work and more.

  20. Laura Cunard Reis
    Atlanta, GA Workers’ Compensation Lawyer with 17 years of experience

    (404) 876-4200
    1100 Peachtree St NE
    Suite 200
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    ReisLaw is a full-service specialty Law Firm dedicated to representing hard-working individuals whether injured in auto accidents or on the job. Laura Reis and her team of attorneys, paralegals, and bilingual legal assistants have the experience and dedication to handle the case from start to finish.

    At ReisLaw we thrive on direct attorney-client personal contact. Unlike other firms, you will not be only meeting with a case manager, but with an attorney directly. Laura’s legal assistants handle only administrative tasks like scheduling medical appointments. All case handling decisions are made by the attorney directly.

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