Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys

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  1. Torris J. Butterfield
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 23 years of experience

    (404) 522-5056
    The Hurt Building, 50 Hurt Plaza, S.E., Suite 1120
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    • Former Fulton County Senior Assistant Public Defender
    • Over 19 murder trials to verdict
    • Attorney has handled thousands of criminal cases since 1997
    • Attorney of record in over 508 juvenile cases
    • Practice limited criminal defense, personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death
    • Selected for inclusion in the 2009 edition of SuperLawyers Magazine as a “Rising Star” in the category of criminal defense.
    • Member of Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Past Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Past Member of the American Bar Association
    • Member in Good Standing of the Georgia Bar ( 1997)

  2. David Bouchard
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 9 years of experience

    (404) 658-9070
    225 Peachtree St NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    For over 50 years, the lawyers at Finch McCranie have achieved a remarkable record of success in tough civil and criminal cases. They have recovered more than $500 million in verdicts and settlements in civil cases and obtained acquittals and dismissals in complex federal criminal cases. With a deep bench of lawyers who have successfully tried over 100 cases in courtrooms across the country, the firm provides all of its clients with a powerhouse legal team.

    Drawing on decades of experience working in government, business, and international law firms, Finch McCranie’s lawyers bring unrivaled skill and judgment to the most difficult cases.Many of the firm’s lawyers have won accolades for high professional achievement from esteemed organizations like Martindale-Hubbell, Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers.

  3. Sanford Allen Wallack
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 27 years of experience

    (404) 919-4411
    659 Auburn Avenue Studioplex Suite 153
    Atlanta, GA 30312

    Why You Need an Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney?
    Criminal accusations need prompt and tireless attention and care. If you are currently under investigation or have been charged with a crime in the Atlanta area, it is in your best interest to act quickly to get an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side as soon as possible. When your life and freedom are on the line, you need a legal professional with the knowledge, skills, and dedication to protect your rights and fight aggressively for the best possible outcome.

  4. David M. Schnipper Esquire
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 10 years of experience

    (404) 545-5845
    2300 Henderson Mill Road NE #300
    Atlanta, GA 30345

    At Schnipper Law, P.C., we are compassionate, dedicated and experienced. Our criminal defense law firm is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Serving all of Georgia, we are well prepared to handle criminal defense, DUI defense and personal injury cases delivering excellent service that has garnered legal awards and top ratings from clients and peers alike. At our firm, we know that everyone’s situation and goals are different. We always find tailored solutions to what our clients wish to accomplish.

    If your rights or wellbeing are threatened, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need dependable and experienced representation after a DUI arrest, deserve aggressive criminal defense or need to pursue fair compensation for an accident, you can face your legal matter with confidence if you choose to join forces with our team. We would be more than happy to speak with you about your case and advise you on your next course of action.

  5. Richard S. Lawson
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 25 years of experience

    (404) 816-4440
    4060 Peachtree Road
    Suite D 415
    Atlanta, GA 30319

    At The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, we take driving under the influence charges very seriously. With more than 25 years of experience in DUI defense, our leading attorney has the insight and legal intelligence you need on your side. We work with individuals throughout Atlanta and the surrounding communities of Georgia who have been charged criminally with driving under the influence.

  6. Justin Spizman
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 14 years of experience

    (770) 685-6400
    200 Ashford Center North
    Suite 350
    Atlanta, GA 30338

    If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, a sex crime, drug crime, or any other Georgia felony or misdemeanor, you need a lawyer who knows his way around the courthouse and is intimately familiar with local courtroom procedures. Likewise, if you’ve been injured in an accident, the only way you’ll get top dollar for your claim is if the insurance company knows your lawyer is prepared to go to trial and win a substantial jury verdict.

    At Hawkins Spizman, we are trial lawyers serving injury victims and the criminally accused throughout the state of Georgia. We settle and resolve cases every day outside of court, often without having to file a lawsuit or go to trial. But we never back down from a fight, and we never sell you short. If it’s in your best interests to avoid a trial and resolve your matter some other way, rest assured our team has the skills and determination to get you an outstanding result. On the other hand, if a trial is necessary to get the best outcome, you’ve found the Georgia criminal defense lawyers with the experience and resources to get the job done.

  7. Richard A. Grossman
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 29 years of experience

    (678) 358-6555
    66 Lenox Pointe, NE Suite 200
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    Experienced Atlanta criminal defense lawyer Richard A. Grossman handles many types of criminal cases with an expertise in drug offenses. If you have been charged with a drug offense in Georgia attorney Richard A. Grossman will zealously defend your interests in all stages of the criminal justice process.

    Crystal Meth
    Cocaine / Crack Cocaine
    Ecstacy / MDMA
    Atlanta Attorney Richard A. Grossman has successfully litigated hundreds of serious criminal cases in Georgia State and Federal Courts. Practicing law since 1992, with extensive trial experience and a commitment to the rights of the accused Richard A. Grossman is a lawyer who is well equipped to meet your criminal defense needs.

  8. Matt Andrew Hirsch
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 19 years of experience

    (888) 547-0323
    2300 Henderson Mill Rd
    Atlanta, GA 30345

    Coping with being arrested, criminal charges against you, or being under scrutiny by the police can be enormously hard. It takes its toll on your ability to live peacefully, without fear, and without always looking over your shoulder. This is especially true if you have never before dealt with the unsympathetic, insensitive, and punitive reality of the criminal justice system. Whether you were involved in a criminal act or not, your reputation and character, your hopes, your very freedom are at risk. This is the reason you need an experienced, competent, accessible, and skilled attorney that you can depend on to help you.

  9. Dwayne Brown
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 26 years of experience

    (678) 505-0559
    3390 Peachtree Road
    Suite 1100
    Atlanta, GA 30326

    Attorney Dwayne L. Brown always puts his clients first, working hard to build a strong attorney-client relationship that’s based on trust and that produces real results. By effectively and expertly managing each case and giving clients the attention and interaction they deserve, Brown has earned a stellar reputation for client satisfaction and collected millions of dollars in compensation for his many clients from all over Alabama and throughout the United States.

  10. Paul Stephen Kish
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 39 years of experience

    (404) 207-1338
    225 Peachtree St NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Paul Kish is an accomplished and highly-experienced criminal defense lawyer who over the 36 years of his career has regularly handled many criminal appeals and post-conviction matters. These matters should only be taken by criminal defense lawyers who are specialists. As described below, criminal appeals and post-conviction cases require an attorney who has significant experience with this subset of criminal defense.

    All criminal defense lawyers handle cases in court from time to time. However, Paul Kish is an Atlanta-based criminal defense lawyer who for over 36 years has also represented clients during criminal investigations. Many times, the attorney can do the most good for his or her client by becoming involved at the early stage when investigators and prosecutors are merely looking into whether they should, or should not, bring charges against a person or company. There are many things to consider when deciding if a person or company should hire competent counsel early in an investigation.

  11. Page Anthony Pate
    10.0 Justia Lawyer Rating for Page Anthony Pate

    (888) 923-3310
    101 Marietta Street
    Centennial Tower, Suite 3300
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Facing a serious legal challenge can be difficult. It can be stressful, it can be confusing, and it can completely change the direction of your life. You shouldn’t have to face this fight alone. And you shouldn’t have to rely on a lawyer who isn’t willing or able to put in the time and effort necessary to win.

    Over the past 25 years, we’ve been trusted by hundreds of people to help them overcome serious legal challenges. We have successfully fought back against the government in serious federal criminal cases, helped our clients win complex civil litigation, and protected courageous whistleblowers from retaliation. Our federal criminal lawyers in Atlanta and in Washington DC have won numerous awards and have been recognized by their peers as some of the top trial lawyers in the country.

  12. Tanya Miller
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 22 years of experience

    (404) 594-7778
    75 14th Street NE
    Suite 2110
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    At our law firm, we build partnerships with our clients in order to effectively identify the best defense for their criminal charges or the most efficient way to pursue maximum compensation for their personal injury matters. No two cases are alike, and we are prepared to fight for you no matter how challenging your situation may seem.

    If you have been charged with a crime or injured by the negligence of another, we understand how overwhelmed and uncertain you may feel. Our aim at the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC is to work with you to accomplish the goal of protecting your future and rights. We are committed to working closely with you to make this happen.

  13. Parag Yogesh Shah
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 14 years of experience

    (404) 844-4874
    1355 Peachtree Street
    Suite 1800
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Here is a glimpse of the types of cases we have handled and are currently involved in:

    NFL Concussion Lawsuit

    Wrongful Death

    Head & Brain Injury


    Defending Legal Malpractice

    Trucking Accidents

    Car/Bike/Pedestrian Accidents

    Premises Liability

    White Collar Crimes

    Defending Civil Rico and Forfeiture

  14. Jim Yeargan
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 17 years of experience

    (404) 467-1747
    3715 Northside Parkway
    Building 100, Suite 500
    Atlanta, GA 30327

    Have you been arrested for a DUI? Call a top-rated Atlanta DUI Lawyer at Yeargan & Kert today for a free consultation. We are former DUI prosecutors with over 50 years of combined experience.

    We will use the insight we gained as prosecutors to help beat your DUI charges. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, contact our office today to discuss your case. We offer high-quality and affordable DUI defense and are available 24/7 to assist you.

  15. Sam McRae
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 10 years of experience

    (678) 632-5298
    1201 Peachtree Street NE
    Suite 200
    Atlanta, GA 30361

    Sam McRae grew up in Laurinburg, NC, and earned a Bachelor of History attending the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He moved to Georgia to pursue his graduate degree in history from the University of West Georgia. After completing his masters, he rediscovered an interest in the law that he had inherited from his family, so he decided to go to law school at Georgia State University in Atlanta. His primary focus while attending was on litigation and criminal law.

    During his time at law school, McRae interned with the DeKalb County Public Defenders, starting out in appeals. He quickly moved into the courtroom and handled thousands of traffic ticket cases even before his graduation from law school.

  16. Justin Goodman
    10.0 Justia Lawyer Rating for Justin Goodman

    (404) 333-0706
    480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE
    Unit 190
    Atlanta, GA 30312

    George C. Creal, Jr., P.C., Trial Lawyers are the best DUI lawyers in Metro Atlanta and the State of Georgia. We get results. We are a law firm representing people charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI). Our firm has advised thousands of DUI clients primarily in Metro Atlanta and its surrounding counties. We know the Court system from the inside out. We know the Judges, the Prosecutors, the Police, and they know we fight for every inch of our clients’ rights. We have been in the Courtroom defending DUI charges for a combined total of 47 years. A DUI arrest can be overwhelming, but we handle DUI charges everyday and know what it takes to win.

  17. Mark Issa
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 17 years of experience

    (404) 968-2600
    66 Lenox Pointe NE
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    Whether you are dealing with a traffic citation or a capital criminal indictment, our firm understands that any of these legal issues can cause enough grief and stress to disrupt your day-to-day lifestyle.

    Call now to set up a consultation and examine your options for getting your life back. Never forget that our primary goal is to provide you with personalized legal services that are tailored to your needs.

  18. Ben F. Windham
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 19 years of experience

    (833) 236-9467
    2800 N Druid Hills Rd NE
    Building B
    Atlanta, GA 30329

    Being accused of a crime can be overwhelming and frustrating. Since criminal charges can have serious consequences and greatly impact your future, it is vital to have an experienced criminal defense and assault attorney to represent you in the greater Atlanta area. Ben F. Windham, P.C. has years of experience representing clients throughout Henry, DeKalb, Forsynth, Fulton, Glynn, and Gwinnett counties who are facing a variety of criminal charges for:

    Armed Robbery
    Terroristic Threats
    Domestic Violence
    Violent & Sex Crimes
    Drug Crimes

  19. Howard J. Weintraub
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 46 years of experience

    (404) 907-1536
    1355 Peachtree Street NE
    Suite 1250
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    At The Law Offices of Howard J. Weintraub, P.C., we proudly defend our clients both in and out of the courtroom. Throughout Atlanta and the state of Georgia, our services are offered to residents in need of proven representation at an affordable price. We know that facing criminal allegations can be an overwhelming experience, which is why we go above and beyond when supporting our clients through tough times.
    Our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys are committed to working tirelessly on behalf of our clients and to securing the most favorable results possible. We fully investigate cases, meticulously prepare arguments and defense strategies, and fight aggressively. We are passionate about defending the rights, freedoms, and futures of the clients we represent.

  20. Meg Strickler
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 23 years of experience

    (404) 816-5000
    75 Fourteenth Street
    Suite 3000
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Our law firm is nationally and internationally recognized for handling challenging cases in the U.S. and abroad. We have represented clients and businesses both in and out of the courtroom:

    Locally, throughout the Atlanta metro region and Georgia
    Out of state, in federal jurisdictions throughout the U.S., including Florida, California, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas and others
    Outside the U.S., in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Cyprus, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and others

  21. Larry Kohn
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Lawyer with 23 years of experience

    (404) 567-5515
    235 Peachtree St NE
    Atlanta, GA 30303

    Finding the experienced criminal defense attorney Atlanta who knows that a criminal charge can be very disruptive and daunting to a citizen facing a criminal accusation. It is easy to feel alone while facing the prospect of going to court.

    This page will guide your path in hiring a criminal defense attorney GA to aggressively defend clients charged in Cobb County, DeKalb County, Gwinnett County and Clayton County, and the 15 other metropolitan counties.

    The job of the criminal defenders at our metro Atlanta law offices is to fight the State’s effort to penalize you and create a permanent criminal record. The clients of our criminal lawyers in Atlanta do not have to go through this ordeal alone. When represented by a top criminal defense attorney Georgia litigator, you are assured of everything be done possible in you defense.

  22. E. Jay Abt
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 26 years of experience

    (678) 582-2272
    2300 Henderson Mill Road, NE
    Atlanta, GA 30345

    Facing criminal charges is a serious situation for anyone. Whether a person is being accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, the penalties that result from a criminal trial often impact the rest of their life. Jail time, fines, and a damaged reputation are the repercussions that the Atlanta criminal defense attorneys at The Abt Law Firm, LLC fights to prevent our clients from unfairly facing.

    With over 26 years of experience, Mr. Abt and his Atlanta criminal defense team have the tools needed to protect your rights aggressively. We know that every story has two sides and will make sure your version of events is heard by the court. After over 3000 cases, we are proud to be the positive force of change in Atlanta, Georgia, that each of our clients needed—we find results where other defense firms say there is no hope.

  23. Ryan Locke
    Atlanta, GA Criminal Law Attorney with 10 years of experience

    (404) 900-5672
    1355 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1800
    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Ryan Locke helps people who have been injured and people who have been unjustly convicted from his office in Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly a public defender, Ryan uses the same passion and relentless advocacy to obtain great results for his clients today. 

    Ryan has filed appeals in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and all Georgia appellate courts. He regularly appears in the Georgia Supreme Court to appeal murder cases. For his injured clients, Ryan has recovered millions of dollars from negligent drivers and property owners.

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